Raymond Loewy - New Look for Pennsylvania

In order to enter locomotive design he primarily had to proof his skills and conceive a refuse bin for Pennsylvania Railroad. According to his maxim he sketched an airy and functional container, easy to clean, good-looking, reasonably and without causing noise.

GG1-Electric Locomotive

In 1936 he was entrusted with the re-design of the GG1 electric locomotive. Until then, this locomotive was made from riveted steel metal which made assembly and regular cleaning a time-consuming task.

The concept existed of a smooth, welded steel sheath. For the first time the external cover was separated by the underneath technology and could totally be placed on the locomotive.

S1 Steam Locomotive

A year later he sketched the legendary, streamlined and 6000-HP S1 steam locomotive. A smoke-denying device suggested by Loewy let the steam for safety reasons escape above the train driver’s state.