Raymond Loewy - Legendary Scenicruiser

For the American the brand Greyhound stands for an era of busses which have stamped the street picture for a long time. And the legendary, in the middle of the 1950ies sketched Scenicruiser with its typical jacked up passenger’s compartment is regarded as a symbol of the American mobility of the post-war period.

Before Loewy started to sketch the Scenicruiser, he took a close look at the old models and studied functional defects. On account of his technical education the defective car body struck him immediately and thus it had to be strengthened in the collision area. Moreover, the steps inside were hardly to perceive and an easy solution was realized: a white disc inside with a radiant red arrow served as a signal.

Beside the improvement of security and functionality, as for example the integration of a washing room, Loewy solved one more problem in his quite unique way.

For many years the seats were susceptible for spots and other pollutions. This is why a material was chosen which was so patterned that it simply conceals spots. After the most often seeming spots were delivered by Greyhound, an irregular colour pattern could be sketched in tones where every spot simply lost itself. Finally the old logo reminded rather of a mongrel than of a greyhound and was anew formed by Loewy.